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Applications are open for Hard Sciences, Space and Energy!
Deadline: September 30

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We’re the SU LABS Startup Accelerator.

We’re the first and only accelerator dedicated to startups leveraging exponentially accelerating technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. If you believe your venture has the potential to positively improve the lives of millions AND are looking for people who will dedicate their time over the long-term to make it happen, you’ve found your tribe.

Our third cohort kicks off in February, 2017. Apply now.

Q: There are a lot of accelerators. Why are you different?

A: Easy. Because you’re different. (Spoiler alert: we like different.)

We created the first accelerator program designed for systems thinkers and specifically to support startups that want to take moonshots. Whether you’re for-profit or nonprofit, we’re here to help you do what you were meant to do: apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s biggest challenges. We work with early-stage startups in a highly customized program and propel them to achieve massive success.

But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our founders have to say:

Q: If I attend your accelerator, what can I expect?

A: Transformation. Propulsion. Velocity. Impact.

We know what it takes to get something built and out into the world. Our faculty, mentors, and network of alumni and partners have already done it. And it’s in our DNA. Our founders, Dr. Peter H. Diamandis and Dr. Ray Kurzweil, literally wrote the book on exponential thinking and the abundance mindset.

Our three goals are to help you network, expand, and accelerate. We’re going to help you build your network. We’ll find mentors and advisors with specific backgrounds to give you relevant advice for your business. You’ll get the tools you need to take your venture to the next level. You’ll come away with a new set of friends for life and a network that will see you through your long-term journey and guide you at every major decision point.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not and we’ll prove it. Apply now.

Q: So what’s the program like?

A: It’s highly customized, because each startup is unique.

We offer an unprecedented level of highly-customized support and training, facilitate conversations and open doors that no one else can, and position your venture for maximum impact.

We’ll match you with a curated Board of Advisors that will have the relevant background and experience to effectively advise you. We’ll also convene some of the greatest minds and thought leaders from our insane network of Fortune 500s (Bayer, Lowe’s, Genentech), and development organizations (World Food Program, Amnesty International, UNICEF, Ashoka), to problem-solve with you. We’ll provide remarkable mentors to work side-by-side with you – accomplished individuals who have already achieved massive success building their own companies or leading large organizations. In short, we’ll pave the way for your success and stick with you until you achieve it.

This also includes potential appearances at our prestigious worldwide summits spanning multiple industry verticals and regions. For example, X2AI (from cohort 1) received overwhelming press, a meeting with a high profile VC, and the prestigious MEDy award at Exponential Medicine.

Program Details:

You’ll participate in an intense, hands-on, customized, 8-week experience on the Singularity University campus (NASA Research Park) in the heart of Silicon Valley, during which you’ll receive high-velocity training, relevant mentoring from the best minds around the world, and help preparing to scale your company.

See for yourself:

Specifically, the program includes:

  • Mind-expanding content and workshops inspired by Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail, covering such topics as future forecasting, rapid prototyping, business fundamentals, and funding
  • Tailored sessions designed to help you integrate what you’ve learned and a chance to engage with key experts hand-selected in advance based on your specific needs (think of this as a board meeting on steroids!)
  • Ridiculous amounts of time with key individuals you don’t yet have on speed dial: Fortune 500 executives, leaders from our Google-sponsored Global Solutions Program, alumni from our international network, and accomplished attendees of the X-Prize (we’ll open the doors, and we’ll also help prepare you for the meetings!)
  • Unparalleled access to our investor network of the who’s who of Silicon Valley
  • $100,000 in seed funding to give you runway throughout the program
  • A co-working space at NASA Research Park
  • For nonprofits/501(c)(3) organizations: we’ll provide $50,000 in unrestricted grants
  • Long-term support via our Startup Network to keep you integrated in and engaged with our network

You’ll get all of these extraordinary benefits in exchange for 7% equity in your company. In addition, we will provide a $100K convertible note with a 20% discount or a $3M cap (separate from the 7%).

We’re here to help you build products and services that positively impact humanity at scale, and we know that this is a long-term effort. That’s why we’re different. That’s why we know we can help you be successful. And that’s why we want to work with you. This is exactly what I need. Apply now!

Q: What kind of results are you seeing?

A: Bingo. That’s our favorite question.

After completing our accelerator program, our portfolio companies have been incredibly successful. 50% of companies from our first cohort have already closed successful rounds, and 70% from the second cohort have committed funds.

In terms of program-specific outcomes for our 2016 accelerator cohort, we:

  • Opened 270 doors to relevant funders, partners, corporates, business development and scale advisors, board members, new hires, and more
  • Facilitated 12 Board of Advisor meetings that resulted in business growth insights and upticks in user engagement and revenue
  • Convened 4 Masterminds that are like supercharged board meetings
  • Held 18 workshops where founders walked away with applicable skills they could use on the same day
  • Hosted 11 thoughtfully-curated networking events with key industry experts, with advance briefings for our founders
  • Organized countless strategic preparation sessions (we never let you go into a big meeting cold)

We’re extremely proud of the work SU portfolio companies are doing to tackle some of the world’s most persistent challenges. The SU Labs Startup Accelerator, Global Solutions Program (GSP) and Startup Network have produced numerous success stories, and they’ll be available to support you.

  • Field Ready (Accelerator ‘16) received The White House Champions of Change Award and was named a finalist for the Global Humanitarian Innovation Award
  • Be My Eyes (Accelerator ‘15) won two Danish Design Awards
  • Made in Space (GSP ‘10) received a $20M contract from NASA to develop in-space manufacturing
  • Getaround (GSP ‘09) is transforming peer-to-peer carsharing
  • Fellow Robots (Startup Network) won GOLD for the A’ Design Award

Several others are partnering with municipal governments, NGOs, and large organizations internationally.

Is your company next? Apply today.

Q: Is my company a good fit?

A: We’ll let you be the judge!

We’re on the lookout for stellar companies and nonprofits that are poised to have a huge impact on the world. The ventures that succeed in our accelerator program typically are:

  • In operation for at least 18-24 months
  • Led by founders who are experienced entrepreneurs
  • Addressing a global grand challenge (we’re looking to change lives, not deliver coffee or share photos)
  • Seeing measurable product traction
  • Guided by a clear 6-month plan and a long-term focus
  • Going after a big market with an ambitious vision

Note to international companies: the SU Labs Startup Accelerator can only work with you if you have a US parent corporation (either now or by the time you start the program).

Ready to make an impact? Apply early.

Q: Great, I’m in! What happens next?

A: Find your application group, sign up for alerts and apply.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed in three different groups from September to December to fill this year’s cohort. Please select the group below that best fits your startup or nonprofit.*

I. Space, Energy and Hard Sciences

Applications are open through September 30. Apply early.

Are you looking to mine resources from a meteor or solve the world’s energy crisis in a novel way? Are you working with a super complex portfolio of IP or perhaps on the verge of scale in the lab? Does “hard science” describe what you do? If so, this is your group. Our SU portfolio companies include Made in Space (GSP ‘10), Modern Meadow (Startup Network), and FREDsense Technologies (Accelerator ‘15), and we know just how to help companies with a long path ahead of them. We’re interested in space exploration, clean tech, nanotechnology, water desalination, environmental sciences, applied sciences, environmental tech, and more.

II. Healthcare and Biotech

Applications are accepted October 1-31st. Click to get notified.

We have an amazing network of corporate partners and companies we support working on health-focused solutions, like Juno Biomedical (Accelerator ‘16), MZP Tecnología (Accelerator ‘16), and Miroculus (GSP ‘12). This experience makes us an ideal partner for new ventures in health and wellness. We’re looking for teams creating innovative solutions focused on healthcare, life sciences, neurobiology, nanotechnology, medical devices or anything aimed at improving health.

III. Hardware and Software (Enterprise / Consumer)

Applications are accepted November 1st to December 9th. Click to get notified.

Our network has supported innovators like BeMyEyes (Accelerator ‘15), X2AI (Accelerator ‘15), Getaround (GSP ‘10) and many more that are building cool tech for consumers and enterprise customers alike. If these buzzwords describe your work, this is your category: AI-integrated hardware, sustainability, biosensors, edTech, low-cost mobile/web solutions, solutions for the unbanked, FinTech, AgTech, IoT or solutions leveraging blockchain technologies.

*501(c)3s: Find the group that best matches what you’re working on, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Let’s do this! Apply now for Hard Science, Space and Energy.

Questions? Read our FAQ. More questions? Reach us at startup@singularityu.org.

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